With the countless brands manufacturing bikes, components, and accessories today, it can be quite difficult to pin-point which brand is the best. If you are choosing among the hundreds available, you will be overwhelmed with the options, leaving you more confused than ever before.

Luckily, you have Newcastle Bike Shop to help you separate unreliable brands from manufacturing companies that have consistently provided high-quality products to bikers all around the world. In our shop, the only options are the best of the best. This means that you will not need to compromise anything for top-quality purchases.

Choose among Newcastle Bike Shop’s top bike brand partners

The people behind Newcastle Bike Shop have been bike enthusiasts long before they built the shop. Their years of experience in the biking industry has given them valuable insight as to how the industry works, and what type of products and brands to support.

From the hundreds of brands offering biking products to the people of Newcastle, we have scaled it down to a few. These are brands which have proven themselves through the years, and have provided bikes, components, and accessories that last for years upon years.

Some of the brands that we proudly distribute products for are: GT Bicycles, Felt, Redline, Mongoose, Mirraco Bike Company, Cannondale, Radio Bike Company, and We the People Bike Company. These brands are some of the pioneers and trendsetters in the industry. They also consistently provide products to professional riders all around the world, which just shows how in-demand their goods are to people in the industry.

Get bikes, components, and accessories from the best brands in the world with Newcastle Bike Shop

Newcastle Bike Shop takes pride in distributing only the most reliable products to the people of Newcastle and nearby areas. We want to give you the best biking experience possible. In order to do that, we have to make sure that we deliver top-quality goods to you at a fair price. What better way to do it than to offer goods from the top brands in the world?

Start building your dream bike with us! For enquiries, you may reach us through phone or email. You can also visit our store to see everything we have in store for you and more!