About Us

It is not easy to find a Newcastle bike shop that provides everything you need at an accessible price. When we, the people behind Newcastle Bike Shop, were just starting out in our biking adventure, we found little assistance from bike shops around the area. We did not know what type of bike to choose, which gear system fits our bike, or what accessories are necessary in order to have a good biking experience. There was also a lack of steady supply when it comes to biking components and accessories, which massively hindered our growth as bikers.

Here at Newcastle Bike Shop, we want to be able to help you deal with those problems effectively. Finding a stylish, high-quality bike that fits your intended use is now made easier with our products, assistance, and guidance. Start your biking journey with us today. Call or visit our shop and speak with a representative!

Newcastle Bike Shop: topnotch Newcastle bike parts, components, and accessories

Above everything else, we at Newcastle Bike Shop are biking enthusiasts at heart. We want to share the experience and the sport to Newcastle, which is why we decided to build our shop here. Since we have been in this industry for years, we know what brands to support, and what manufacturers to avoid.

We want to bring our customers only the best of the best. That is why we have chosen our partner brands carefully. Some of the brands you can find in our stores are: GT Bicycles, Redline, Felt, Radio Bike Company, Mirraco Bike Company, Cannondale, We the People Bike Company, and Mongoose.
For a shop that cares about you and your biking journey from start to finish, contact Newcastle Bike Shop!

Experience the real deal with Newcastle Bike Shop

Newcastle Bike Shop is one of the premier bike shops across the Newcastle area. No matter what kind of bike you are looking for – from BMX, road bikes, mountain bikes, free ride bikes, to commuter bikes and more – we would be ready to provide it to you. We also offer bike components and accessories at a fair price! You will not get a better deal at the Newcastle biking community than with us.

Start riding soon by contacting Newcastle Bike Shop through phone or email! You can also visit our shop for a closer look at our supply.